The Taylor Shop, LLC based out of Cleveland, Ohio, was started in 2006 and members have a combined total of over 40 years experience in the Property Preservation and Mortgage Field Industry. 

From our years of working for Mortgage Field companies, working directly in the field to the administration and processing of Property Preservation and Inspection work orders we have done it all. 

We understand the urgency and pressure that the Mortgage Field companies put on you to turn around work orders efficiently and for the results to be 100% accurate the first time, every time. 

We maintain the highest quality control standards in regards to accuracy and customer satisfaction without comprising quality or efficiency.

We process all of the work orders from our contractors in our office, locally. We don't utilize remote updaters or outsource any work orders outside the U.S.A.

You won't find a better combination of absolute commitment, dedication and passion for Property Preservation anywhere else in this industry. 


"If you want to outsource your work orders contact one of those firms based out of India, Pakistan, etc. If you are looking for a partner in the Property Preservation industry, contact The Taylor Shop." -Chuck Taylor


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