Q. What will working with The Taylor Shop cost me?


A. A willingness to listen and change.


Q. How do we send our work orders to you?


A. We utilize a free service called Dropbox, which creates a folder on your desktop and you just drag and drop work order folders into the Dropbox folder. You can also use this service on your mobile phone or tablet. If you use 3rd party websites like Property Preservation Wizard, Pruvan, EZ Inspections or Field-Comm we can download the photos and documentation from their website.


Q. What happens if a work order is missing information and can’t be closed?


A. It depends on the individual situation. While we are QC'ing the order we take the initiative to bid any property preservation issues we see in the photos that might not have been mentioned on the paperwork. We will formulate a bid based on what we can see in the photo. Now, if we see damage (ie: roof, water, mold, structural, the major ones) in the photo that wasn't mentioned on the paperwork we will have to send the order back for the details, dimensions and cause of the damage so we may update the order accurately. Generally, the requested information can be provided via email, phone or 3rd party websites, which ever you are utilizing.


Q. Do you QC (Quality Control) the work orders?


A. Yes. Every single work order is processed in our Cleveland office and is gone over with the highest quality control standards as implimented by The Taylor Shop since we started processing work orders. We maintain the highest quality control standards in the PP industry to ensure accuracy therefore eliminating the possiblity for chargebacks caused by errors in updating. 


Q. How do you notify us of the work orders you completed?


A. We send you an email with a daily digest of all the work orders we completed for that day at the end of the day. 


Q. When do you send us an invoice for the work orders you completed?


​A. We send out invoices on Sunday for all the work completed the week prior.


Q. How do you place bids and/or report damages on a work order?


A. We base the bidding on the photos and documentation provided and any pricing that is included. We will provide blank pricing lists for you to provide the dollar amounts for specific tasks and repairs based on your global location costs. If you utilize cost estimators (ie: Marshall Swift, RepairBASE, Xactimate, etc.) to formulate bids we can use them as well to create your bids. We also have formulas for certain tasks we use to maintain consistent bidding. Also, while we are processing the order, if we see issues in the photos that weren’t reported on the documentation we will provide bids for those additional issues. If we see damages in photos that wasn’t reported on the documentation we will have to contact you for clarification before submitting the order.


Q. Do you provide any forms that our crews can use in the field?


A. Yes. We provide very simple and easy-to-use one page forms your crews can fill out in the field and either take a clear photo of or provide a scan to be included with the photos. We also have electronic/digital versions of our forms exclusively on Property Pres Wizard that we make available to those contractors using this website.

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