The Taylor Shop is committed to excellence in the property preservation field. Our contractors, our partners, have come to expect from us very efficient, high quality order processing that maximizes their opportunity to profitably serve their clients.


We’ve spoken to a number of contractors who would like to work with us but correctly acknowledge they had more work to do internally. Further, some of our current contractor partners have identified internal limitations that keep order volume below field capacity.


Our response has been to extend our service to contractors by introducing Service Transition Tactics (STT). As the name suggests, we are now working with current and potential contractor partners to support their efforts to streamline their internal processes so that they can take full advantage of our order processing services.


Our goal with STT is to significantly increase the administrative capacity of each of our contractor partners to not only reduce overhead but to meaningfully increase revenue.





We are experienced in processing orders on ALL national systems, including but not limited to: Safeguard, LPS (Service Link), Cyprexx, FAS, MSI, NFR, MCS, M&M and Altisource, just to name a few.


We are also very familiar and use these websites daily: Property Pres Wizard, Pruvan, EZinspections, and Field-Comm.


We can reduce and in most cases eliminate the possibility of re-opened orders to have your orders closed faster to get you paid faster!


We follow individual client parameters to ensure 100% accuracy when submitting results.


We understand and implement proper bidding and acurate reporting of damages as well as utilize formulas and proper verbiage to ensure consistant bidding. Our bidding practices help contractors receive increased approvals!



We maintain open lines of communication 7 days a week to answer questions from field reps to ensure updating efficiency.


We can help to structure and organize your individual situation to make it more efficient and  profitable.


We can provide easy-to-use client specific forms to help document a property’s condition as accuratly as possible.


We offer a wide range of property preservation information and resources to assist you in growing and expanding your company.


We work directly with your crews and subs to be able to answer any questions from the field and provide comprehensive solutions to help the field work become more efficient.






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