Pistris 30x40 Oct 2018.jpg
"pistris 30x40 october 2018"


If you are sitting there thinking you can't possibly afford one of these amazing, unique art pieces...you would be wrong.

I want you to fall in love first.

I believe unique and visually euphoric art should be affordable for all humanoids on the 3rd rock from the sol. 

Don't hesitate...

Get my attention through my "Contact" page or any of my social media if you are interested in accepting the responsibility of owning one (or four) of my creations.

I will provide you with the current levy, you will accept (duh) and then pay me with some fiat currency.

Then get ready to be embraced by the warmth and euphoria coming from your wall (see what I did there).

Payments will be accepted through PayPal (of course).

Thanks for being here.


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