Life Lines Series
Life Lines 16x20 2016
Life Lines 22 (TMTC) 48x24 Dec 2017
Life Lines 21 (Shifted Perspectives) 36x36 Sept 2017
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Insanis Series
Insanis Locis 4@12x9 2016
Insanis Carbo 40x16 2016
Insanis Summa 24x36 2016
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Fluid Paintings (Non-Series)
Pistris 30x40 Oct 2018
Culpabilis 24x24 Oct 2018
We're Not Alone 24x24 Dec 2017
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Weirdness (Non-Series)
Neo's Lament 16x12 2016
Crayola Payola 10x10 Dec 2016 2
Aliquam Excubiarum 24x12 Feb 2017
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D.D.T. Series
Creper Anima 20x20 June 2017
Creper Stella 20x20 Oct 2017
Creper Vicis 20x20 June 2017
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Fusion Series
Fusion 40x16 2016
Blacken Fusion 40x16 2016
Purple (Rain) Fusion 40x16 2016
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"ETM" Series
ETM 11x14 2016
Jeepers Peepers (ETM2) 16x20 2016
Confliction 24x24 2016
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Vita Series
Jackie and Larry (Birth Of A Creation) Dec 2017
Ritchie and Chrissy 24x24 Dec 2016
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